Graphic Design for All Occasions:

Say you are starting a business. You have a company name but need a Logo, so I can create one for you. But now you need to market that logo, put it on Business Cards and Corporate Stationary. Then you need to advertise your business, we can do Brochures and Flyers, even Postcards, and then you can advertise with full color Advertisements. But why stop there? You have the logo, the information from your brochures, your marketing campaign on your advertisements, let me create a Website for you so you can discuss your business and sell your products. But wait, how do you get people to your website? Have other places put up Animated Banner advertisements on their websites. And you know what? Since your business is doing so well how about sending Custom Greeting Cards to your clients for Christmas or your one year anniversary.  The list could go on and on and the good news is... I can do it ALL for you!


Don't you see? You need a graphics designer you can count on. One that can do it all. One that will talk with you directly, one on one, your only contact. When you need something done, you make one phone call or send one email and you will know it will be taken care of. That's what I do. Kathleen's-Graphics is me, my name, my reputation, when I do something I do it right because I want happy clients. Happy clients tell their friends and colleagues about me and word of mouth advertising is what I thrive on.

If you don't see it here, don't dismay, my motto is if I haven't done it, doesn't mean I can't, it means I can learn. If you want to know more about me read my Client Testimonials I aim to please. Give me a call.


Realtors & Real Estate Agents

Business Cards
Yard Signs
Magazine Ads
Banner Ads


Graphics Portfolio

View a small sampling of some of my print-media and related graphics design projects.


Wedding Invitations RSVP Cards

If you are looking for a unique, colorful, one of a kind, wedding invitation that no one has ever seen or dreamed of... something specific to your wedding theme, I can create them for you.


Custom Greeting Cards
Flyers or Posters
Wrapped Canvas Prints



Custom Logo Creation

Whether you need a simple pone color logo or a full color corporate identity I can make it happen.  All I need is an idea of what you want, and the colors you'd like to use.


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