Custom Logo Creation

Whether you need a simple personal logo or a corporate identity I can make it happen.  All I need is an idea of what you want and the colors you'd like to use.

It will be used on Everything and seen Everywhere!

The Company Logo is a very important and integral part of your business. It tells the people WHO you are, shows them WHAT you do and is the world's first visual reminder of your company. 

It can be used in anything from your Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelopes to your Advertisements, Flyers, Brochures, Door Hangers, T-shirts, Ball caps, Cups, Bags, Pens and anything else you can think of to put your logo on. The list can literally be endless!



Cost: I'd like to be able to quote one simple price but the fact of the matter is, there are numerous differences in logos. You could have in mind a very simple logo design or a very intricate logo so it seems only fair to price your logo accordingly.  That being said, I would need to know your requirements before I can quote a price.

Formats: I create the logo as a 72dpi jpeg, bmp or gif for use on a website, a Black & White Vector format to use on fax cover sheets etc. as well as a 300dpi Color Vector format that you can use everywhere else. 


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