Affordable & Creative Webpage Designs.

Affordability is usually the main reason smaller companies and individuals shy away from a website.  But  I can create great looking websites at very affordable rates.

I provide high quality website designs for individuals as well as small to medium sized businesses. Whether you require a single page on the internet or a complete fully-functional website - I can create it. I can even make it an easy to navigate online shopping location with secure ecommerce payments via PayPal.

No one knows your product or service better than you do, so the content of your site can be prepared by you. You can use brochures, press releases and past advertising to help gather the content for your website. Some web designers state a limit on the number of pictures you can use on your site, I don't.

I feel a website that not only tells what it can do but also supports it with imagery not only helps prove their point but also grabs the readers attention. But if you don't have any of that don't worry we can start from scratch. You'll need to decide what you will want to say on each of your pages, so take notes and write down everything you think will be of interest to the online reader.

Not sure where to start, what should be included or how to organize it?  Imagine that you are planning a 5 page brochure for your business. To do this you would divide your content into 5 categories or pages. Start with an overview of your product and/or services, with the goal being to entice your customer to search further pages on your website. This overview would be your "Home Page". The other pages or categories will be connected to your home page, by links. Some of the many categories you might consider for your website may be...

  • Products - Here is where you will include photos and graphics of your products, with short descriptions, and prices. If your company sells numerous items, you may want a page for each or to break down the products into groups or sub categories.

  • Services - What do you offer? Let your customers know. If your company has numerous services you may want numerous pages to describe each service.

  • What's New - Here you would display new information and products, current news & events, maybe even monthly specials if you have them or if there have been recent articles or advertisements you want to show off.  *If you choose this page, you should keep it current. People will be returning to your website frequently to find out what else is new.

  • Testimonials - Include letters, notes, pictures & emails from satisfied customers. This page can be very helpful to the new client or potential client towards making a decision on purchasing your product or trying your service. Remember, word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

  • F.A.Q. - These are frequently asked questions that someone might want to ask and you would have already answered. This page will cut down on the number of phone calls or emails you get regarding the same question.

  • Contact Us - Explain how to order your product or obtain your services. Contact via mail, telephone, fax or email. Or of you have numerous stores you can list them here as well.

   With all of this information decided upon,
I would then design your website.     

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