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A website is your first, and many times your only form of exposure in for your company, product or idea. Your website needs to be bold, dynamic, to stand out from all of the other template-based sites. It needs to be able to creatively express visually what you are offering in an eye-catching, appealing, user-friendly way.


Need to get your information out there in order to locate new clients? Want an online presence to back-up your front-end service or center? Need to connect to social media?


Have products to sell? Want to control your own online store? Need a way to combine sales, promote up-sells and give coupons? Need to track inventory?


Have a service center but want to do online bookings? Want people to know your schedule so they can chose their time slot? Want to know what to expect before they get there?



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Photo Touch-up

Old photos tend to fade, or turn red over time. Sometimes liquids are spilled on them, they get torn or the photo albums’ glue takes bits off when you remove them. This is why I do photo touch-up. I can remove the red, colorize black and white, fix the tears and stains, remove the red-eye, crop out the superfluous, and even make new photos look old.

Photo touching is just one of the many services I can do to make your images stand out.

A well done images looks professional. When your images look that good, your clients see it. They realize you will focus that same kind of attention on their job. This is something no other coder can accomplish – only a graphic designer. While I don’t get many projects requesting this task, it’s one of my most favorite things to do. If you want it done. If you are even considering it, give me a chance to prove to you exactly why it should be done.


From Adding Color to Taking it Away

Sepia tone your images for that perfect Western themed party or wedding invitation.

Looking for that old western look?

A western theme wedding or party?

I can do that!

I’ve had a blast created custom greeting cards for friends and family over the years. I write custom poems to go in each one. I’ve even created custom western wedding invitations and thank you cards for clients. Sometimes they want color, sometimes they want the images done in sepia tone. I’ve cleaned up old stained photos for memorial services. Cropped and enlarged images for slideshows. I’ve added watermarks to photographer’s pictures.

Photo Manipulation

It’s not just for fun… although it can be!

Photo manipulation is the combination of two or more photos to create one. This process usually takes the best features from two or more similar photos to create something with all of the best features. Like the below: Two before pictures of the children, one that was tall and cut out the other children, the other with no smile.

All the kids but no smile...

Portrait with no kids

All the kids with the smile, one great picture!

Photo Manipulation for Advertisements

Another great example is this photo for a satellite phone advertisement in a worldwide hunting magazine. Obviously we wanted to showcase the phone as well as the trophy, but the two images we received either overlapped one or the other. Plus, the scanner put a line right through the middle and the logo on the phone was washed out in the sun. So we combined them two photos to make the best of both worlds.

Trophy hidden behind sat-phone

Trophy covered their faces

After: Trophy, faces, phone and logo!

Normal picture - no pizazz

Photo Manipulation to catch attention

Other Fun Photo Manipulations:

Photo manipulation can be fun, but it can also be incredibly handy. Put green grass over winter yards. Insert a blue sky where a rain cloud was. Perfect a picture that was mediocre and make it amazing. A simple photo manipulation can help your website header stand out. This technique can modify your book cover to represent so much more.

Why Choose Kathleen’s Graphics?

Kathleen J. Shields takes great pride in the fact that her clients love her. She is dedicated to providing Complete Branding Solutions for all of your graphic and website design needs. Self-taught with a continuing desire to always learn more and stay up to date with the latest technologies, Kathleen implements what you want with what you need so you will be ready to present yourself to the world.


Whatever your business – Whomever your clientele – Kathleen will ensure that your web presence is strong and gets you noticed.

Website Design

A website is your first, and many times your only form of exposure in for your company, product or idea. Your website needs to be bold, dynamic, it […]


A graphic designer has an eye for creating graphics that attract attention. I can create custom logos, do business card layout, design full color print media, internet banner […]

Author Services

As a published author of more than 24 books, I have a unique view-point when it comes to being an author. Having done all of the writing, interior […]

Full Service Designer

At Kathleen’s Graphics, my goal is to help your business stand out.

You need to attract clients and increase your traffic. How do I do this? I am a Full Service Designer. Providing a turn-key web and print media solution. Cookie-cutter business cards and websites simply show a lack of originality. You may think that it’s fine but it’s not.

When you customize your look and branding, specifically design your plan around your client’s needs, you show your visitors that you care, you think out of the box and you will put in the effort of satisfying their goals.

Full Service Designer for Websites and Print Media


Happy Clients


Websites Designed


Graphics Designed


Custom Logos


Authors Helped


Companies Helped

Internet Marketing

A website is your first, and many times your only form of exposure for your company, product or idea. Your website needs to be bold and dynamic. It needs to stand out from all of the other template-based sites. It needs to be able to express visually what you are offering in an eye-catching, appealing, user-friendly way. I am a website designer that utilizes a graphic design flare.

Search Engine Optimization by Kathleen's Graphics

Search Engine Optimization

I will get you listed on the various search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. I will align your pages to incorporate the best keywords and keyword phrases, and I will provide you the ability to optimizing your content to increase your rankings, thus lifting you higher into the search results and putting your website infront of your target audience. SEO is not difficult. It takes time and effort.

Print Media Branding

Professionally designed marketing materials are essential for any serious business. Combining the right amount of information and imagery, my goal is to get your message across to your target audience in a graphically appealing way. I am a graphic designer who’s goal is to leave a memorable impression for your clients.

Author Services

As an author with 28 published books, I know what it is you are looking for in interior book formatting, custom cover creation, and marketing. I can design your cover to the specific details of your book (no single stock images that anyone can use). The interior formatting of your book can be simple or extreme with full-page edge-to-edge graphics, full color, or even other languages.

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Photo Touch-Up

From removing the red-eye, recolorizing, adding sepia-tone or bringing color back to a red or yellow picture, I can scan the image, and readjust it to your liking. I can even remove scratches, pops, spots, stains, and anything else within reason. I’m pretty good at Photoshop.

Photo Manipulation

Yes, it’s kind of a silly thing to do, but think about the images you can create when you manipulate and merge two or more images to create one unique picture? Author’s want a unique book cover? Musician’s need an eye-catching CD cover or poster? I can help you create it.

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