It’s not just for fun… although it can be!

Photo manipulation is the combination of two or more photos to create one. This process usually takes the best features from two or more similar photos to create something with all of the best features. Like the below: Two before pictures of the children, one that was tall and cut out the other children, the other with no smile.

All the kids but no smile...

Portrait with no kids

All the kids with the smile, one great picture!

Photo Manipulation for Advertisements

Another great example is this photo for a satellite phone advertisement in a worldwide hunting magazine. Obviously we wanted to showcase the phone as well as the trophy, but the two images we received either overlapped one or the other. Plus, the scanner put a line right through the middle and the logo on the phone was washed out in the sun. So we combined them two photos to make the best of both worlds.

Trophy hidden behind sat-phone

Trophy covered their faces

After: Trophy, faces, phone and logo!

Normal picture - no pizazz

Photo to catch attention

Other Fun Photo Manipulations:


Photo Manipulation to help your images stand out!

Photo manipulation can be fun, but it can also be incredibly handy. Put green grass over winter yards. Insert a blue sky where a rain cloud was. Perfect a picture that was mediocre and make it amazing. A simple photo manipulation can help your website header stand out. This technique can modify your book cover to represent so much more.

Book Cover Creation

Even create custom designed book covers that showcase your books interior story without using the same old stock image that other cover designers have used on other books before!

Whether you are manipulating photos for fun or work, to grab attention or be the eye-catcher, this is a task I absolutely LOVE to do! Contact me to see what your next project would take to complete!