You’ve got an amazing opportunity to go into business for yourself. There’s something you want to offer your clients; a service or a product. You need to present your business to your prospective clients but you need to be taken seriously.

Starting A Small Business? You Need Branding

How about a logo that you can put on all of your marketing material; your business cards, flyers, advertisements, social media accounts and website. I’ll create a custom logo for you. But why stop there? You’ve got your preferred color scheme, the look of what you are trying to portray and you can incorporate that everywhere as well.

I can create all of your corporate stationary and have it printed wholesale. I can create banners and yard signs, magnetic signs for your vehicle (or vinyl decals). Want to go big? Let me create your billboard.

Want to advertise via video? I can take your smart phone video and add in music, credits, corresponding images and videos, and provide it to you for YouTube or submit a video file perfect for television.

Plus, you will need a website. Something that takes all of this and melds it together like a pot of fondue. Sell your products online via your e-commerce shopping cart. Book your appointments online connecting it to your calendar. Take down payments or full payment. Provide an interactive questions and answers section, sign them up for accounts, newsletters. Encourage them to come back for specials, sales or events. Whatever you want done on your website, I can get it going for you.

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