Are you an entertainer? A Band or musician, a presenter, an author or story-teller, actor or theater? How are you going to get your name out there? Social media is a great start but when a client is looking for someone who will show up, who is professional, who is established… they are looking for a website. A professional website (not something your cousin did over the weekend).

You need one place you can direct people to.

Whether they want to follow you on Facebook, read your tweets on Twitter or watch your videos on YouTube, you want them to go to the one place that has it all – including how to hire you! Give them a chance to also discover your Pintrest page, your Instagram posts and your Google+ profile. Direct them to follow your BLOG, purchase your video, book or CD and Book You directly on your website! Plus have them leave a review, share a testimonial and invite their friends to see. Get them coming back with newsletters, have them share for exposure and get your website working for you.

Whatever you want to do on your website – I can do.

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