You want it, I’ll make it. Give me an idea of what you want to see and I’ll create it from scratch. Do you want a full color logo or one or two color lie-art design? Want vector images or full texture, with shadow Photoshop designs? How about circle, square, oval or rectangle shape? Do you want white background, black or transparent (meaning no background)? Is there a color preference. A limit to the numbers of colors? Do you have a PMS color choice that is 100% specific and must be used? How about your font choice(s) do you want classic or contemporary? There are so many ways a graphic designer can go on a logo design so the better the idea you have the better chance I have at creating the masterpiece you want!

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A custom logo design will help your company stand out. Something eye-catching and unique, colorful and/or splashy. A logo tells the customer who you are or what you do with a quick glance. It can be a memorable thing, imagery is easier to recognize than simple text. Make a long-standing connection with your clients, and help them find you on social media easier. Custom logos are a flat $200 each unless previously discussed.

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A custom designed, 100% unique logo will help your company stand apart. It will attract the eye of your customer. It will be identifiable on all of your marketing material. It’s an instrumental part of your branding. A logo is an important first step in laying the framework for your future business or to bring NEW light for your current business. A graphic designer’s job is to make you happy while determining that all of the latest tricks of the trade have been practiced.