You have beautiful artwork but how are you going to sell it?

You need people to see your artwork portfolio and a website is exactly how you do it. But how do you showcase your art in beautiful large images without people clicking right click and saving it without paying you for it? With security precautions of course. I can do that for you.

I’ll setup your website as just a showcase or I can create an e-commerce site that you can sell from. Want to take your artwork and make custom greeting cards, have them replicated into prints, or even take your photographs and have them printed on canvas? I can do that.

Plus I can create ZAPP files for you. Need a hand-drawn logo created into vector art (for print) I can do that too. Whatever you need done, I can assist you with.

Art Galleries:

You need a website that can showcase your artists work. You also need it to be user-friendly enough that you can do yourself – or allow your fellow artists back-end access to work on their OWN pages.

You’ll also need that website to drum up business. Collect email addresses, send out newsletters, notify your visitors of upcoming shows and events, and even sign them up for classes. I can do all of that and more. Need to book appointments? Want attendees to register for upcoming classes? Want them to create account and bookmark their favorite artists, adding their work to a wishlist or better yet, online voting for their favorite pieces? I can do that!

Art Logo Creation:





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