If you need a fun PowerPoint presentation created with transitioning slides, music, motion and creativity, I can make those for you.

How about a word document formatted for a print book or e-book, I know how to do that implementing all of the latest tricks of the trade.

  • Resume Writing
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Video Creation
  • Press Release Writing
  • Flash Animation
  • Banner Ads

Do you need to create PDF’s with interactive fields, I can do that. If you need to write a resume but don’t have the flair or know the latest rules, I can write your resume for you.

Proficient with office programs, self-taught in everything I want to learn, I can assist you with an array of office related goals.

  • Word Document
  • Print Formatting
  • E-Book Formatting
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Form Fields
  • Surveys

Plus as a published author, I know creative writing. If you need articles, blog posts or even press releases written, I can help you with that too.

I offer these services because I know how a perfectly formatted resume can attract attention without breaking the rules. Or how a well written press release can attract attention. You know how time consuming perfecting a power point presentation can be when you need to add in all of those transitions and floating words and phrases.