Old photos tend to fade, or turn red over time. Sometimes liquids are spilled on them, they get torn or the photo albums’ glue takes bits off when you remove them. This is why I do photo touch-up. I can remove the red, colorize black and white, fix the tears and stains, remove the red-eye, crop out the superfluous, and even make new photos look old.

Photo touching is just one of the many services I can do to make your images stand out.

A crumbled picture can be saved.

While I don’t get many projects requesting this task, it’s one of my most favorite things to do in my industry.

The picture to the right was found in a pile of burnt rubble.It was one of very few salvaged after a house fire.

I cleaned up the lines, tears, creases… the only thing I couldn’t do was fill in the men from the top corner that was lost. If I would have had an image of the same man from a different picture, I most certainly could have completed the task!

A also just recently removed a group of people from around a single woman. And then recreated the backdrop behind her.

From Adding Color to Taking it Away

Sepia tone your images for that perfect Western themed party or wedding invitation.

Looking for that old western look?

A western theme wedding or party?

I can do that!

I’ve had a blast created custom greeting cards for friends and family over the years. I write custom poems to go in each one. I’ve even created custom western wedding invitations and thank you cards for clients. Sometimes they want color, sometimes they want the images done in sepia tone. I’ve cleaned up old stained photos for memorial services. Cropped and enlarged images for slideshows. I’ve added watermarks to photographer’s pictures.