Video Creation: I Make Custom Videos!

Utilizing Adobe’s Premiere Pro I can create full-length videos from a combination of images,
videos, music and audio-files and implement transitions with scrolling credits and a whole-lot more!


I have taken audio files from musicians and created music videos that they can share.

The above videos are a sampling of some of the latest music videos I created with musician George Rendon’s wonderful audio files. He usually provides my the audio and it is up to me to find images, videos and graphics that will work to “bring his songs to life”. I thoroughly LOVE doing things like this as it allows me to get very creative with the task.

*Note: Due to the time it takes on every second of video and listening to the words to align the visuals precisely,
I must be selective on what songs I take in to do. I will not allow my soul to be desegregate by profanity, sexualized content or evil.


I have taken videos and images captured at funerals, interviews, holidays and vacation, to create a memorable collage of memories to share with family, friends and loved ones.


I have even created Book Trailers, videos that showcase what can be found in a new book release. Great for social media exposure!

And if there is something that you want added to your video that maybe I can’t do, I can combine my talent with other talented video producers to create additional effects, like: White board explainer videos, animated books flying across the screen, cinematic elements, talking characters from image files, additional audio, background music, and so much more. Just ask, and I will see what I can do.