I have been running Kathleen’s Graphics for more than a decade and absolutely LOVE what I do! Graphics are my passion and when I can incorporate a beautiful design into a technologically advanced website. I’ll show case my clients and their products in a colorful and unique way, being able to do this makes me very happy.

Whether it is a simple business card or a fully designed website my goal is for my customer (you) to say wow. I bill for an hour but I may put an hour and a half in a project because if it isn’t just right, it isn’t going out the door! With my name and reputation attached to everything I do, it has to be perfect.

So whether you need a Fully Customized Greeting Card or a photograph cleaned up and altered, be assured that with Kathleen’s-Graphics you are getting one on one, top-notch and personal service designed specifically for happy, returning and dedicated customers.

If you order a Kathleen’s-Graphics custom website design you can be assured that your design will be 100% unique according to your design criteria and will be visually captivating according to your product or service. When someone goes to your website they will say wow and know exactly what they are looking at and find the navigation easy and user-friendly. I’m known for my easy-to-navigate websites!

Your website will be found in a search. Because I do all of the basic SEO techniques in order to get your website verified and listed, even on local listings (if applicable). I’ll maintain your website, making additions and changes and update it according to your needs. On an on-going basis for a minimal charge and I do it quickly, within 48 hours usually.

My Motto:  If I don’t know how to do it… I WILL LEARN – at no additional cost to you!

I’m also a published author. I have written numerous books, fiction, young adult, romance, children’s chapter and illustrated series. I do all of the marketing and publicity myself.  Everything I put my name on has my satisfaction guaranteed, because I am a hard-working dedicated individual and I love what I do!

www.KathleensBooks.com    www.KathleenJShields.com    www.HamiltonTroll.com    www.HamiltonTrollBooks.com

If you are an aspiring author and you need help, I’m your girl. I’ve designed eye-catching book covers, created tons of websites, printed marketing material and even wrote press releases and articles. I can help you. As an author, myself, I know what to do and can help you get a step ahead in this industry.