A graphic designer can create any types of printable materials and provide you the print-ready file to send to your printer.

However, I also have a relationship with a number of wholesale printers so I can get you some of the best printing prices in the industry. The list below is only some of the print-media I can create. With the dimensions you want and an idea of your desire, I can custom create anything you could possibly want.

I’ve even supplied artwork for t-shirts, coffee mugs, canvas bags, hats, key chains, magnets, toys, blankets, custom embroidery, and so much more.


Print-Ready Marketing Media for:

Print-Ready Files Supplied:

I am a graphic designer, which means I can design anything. I can lay it out and provide you print-ready artwork that you can take to any printing company you’d like, or I can send it to some of the printing companies I work with. I try to make it easy for you.

As you can see my portfolio is extensive but I don’t always remember to add everything I’ve done so it may be lacking in some of my most recent work. I also may have done so many designs for the same client that I’ve chosen to remove some of the older ones as each time I create something, I feel like I get better. Practice makes perfect and with the constantly changing styles and times I have to change too. Graphic design is like fashion – color preferences differ, styles change, fonts get altered, greens get greener and reds become taboo. A graphic designer reads up on all of the latest news. Learns what is accepted now and incorporates it into your new design. That’s just one of the things I do to keep myself busy.

I also LOVE to do custom Greeting Cards!

I write rhythmic poetry to suit and would love to assist you with something special.