A website is your first, and many times your only form of exposure in for your company, product or idea. Your website needs to be bold, dynamic, to stand out from all of the other template-based sites. It needs to be able to creatively express visually what you are offering in an eye-catching, appealing, user-friendly way.


Need to get your information out there in order to locate new clients? Want an online presence to back-up your front-end service or center? Need to connect to social media?


Have products to sell? Want to control your own online store? Need a way to combine sales, promote up-sells and give coupons? Need to track inventory?


Have a service center but want to do online bookings? Want people to know your schedule so they can chose their time slot? Want to know what to expect before they get there?

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I’ve likely forgotten to add some of my most recent websites so please ask. You know what they say, a webmasters website is the last to get updated. 🙂

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Each Kathleen’s Graphics website is unique.

I love color and so does the average website viewer. Their eyes get tired of seeing black text on white screens. This is why imagery is so important. The content, images, graphic design specifications, potential technologies, add-ins, interactive functionality, security, plug-ins, all help to build your 100% custom website. That being said, I must know more about the project and what you want your website to do say and feel like before I can provide an accurate quote.

Basic websites can start at $500… and technologically advanced websites can go up to $1000 or more. E-Commerce websites are contingent upon the number of products you plan to sell and the security features you chose to incorporate. To get a more accurate cost please:

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*Prices are estimated at an hourly rate. Basic websites consist of 5-10 pages with same look and navigation plus content and images (provided) approximately 15 hours worth of design work plus SEO**. Custom logo creation, and marketing material are extra. Out of pocket expenses, like domains, hosting, certificates, privacy, printing, technologies are billed separately. Kathleen’s-Graphics web design prices are primarily for small to medium sized businesses that appreciate the value and quality provided. View my website portfolio for examples of custom designed sites. All design ideas are welcome.

**Search Engine Optimization (SEO) protocols include page specific keywords, descriptions, page titles, alt tags for images, an xml sitemap, crawlable robot file, analytics inclusion, Yahoo, Bing and Google specific search engine submission and variable search engine submissions. SEO does not guarantee page one placement in search results and can take as long as two weeks to process your website into the search engine results. Local listings are a separate feature but definitely help with SEO if applicable.


“A Website that is built but never changes, will soon be forgotten about.”


It’s a fact. If a website visitor comes back to your website and doesn’t see anything new, they are going to think you haven’t updated your website. They may lose interest and not come back next time as well. A company that doesn’t update their website may be considered too busy or they may be considered neglectful. What does that say about your business? Do you neglect your clients like you neglect your website?

It only takes 15-20 minutes of my time to add a new header or slider image. 30-60 minutes to write a new blog post. 5 minutes to add a new picture to your gallery. The larger the plan purchased the more savings you get! Best yet – prepaid maintenance never expires! Have a website and graphic designer on retainer at a fraction of the price for any of your future needs!

My regular hourly rate is $55.00 If you purchase a prepaid plan, you can save significantly! See below:

Hours Prepaid Maintenance Savings
5 Hour Plan $260 ($52/hr) $3/hr
10 Hour Plan $500 ($50/hr) $5/hr
20 Hour Plan$960($48/hr)$7/hr
30 Hour Plan $1380 ($46/hr) $9/hr
40 Hour Plan $1760 ($44/hr) $11/hr
50 Hour Plan $2100 ($42/hr) $13/hr
60 Hour Plan$2400($40/hr)$15/hr

How is the Maintenance Billed?

Maintenance Plans are additional options to keep your website maintained, current and updated. Plans can also be used towards graphics or any other service related item. Payable prior to initiating work, all work will be billed in 15 minute increments and a detailed and itemized statement of time used will be generated. If your maintenance looks as if it is going to exceed your pre-paid plan you’ll be notified immediately. You’ll then be able to purchase additional maintenance. Any unused hours will be carried over to the next time you need something done to your website.  Prepaid Maintenance Never Expires.

If you have any further questions please Contact Me.

* Prepaid Maintenance is Non-Refundable and cannot be used towards out-of-pocket/printing expenses or domain and hosting renewals.