“A Website that is built but never changes, will soon be forgotten about.”

It’s a fact. If a website visitor comes back to your website and doesn’t see anything new, they are going to think you haven’t updated your website. They may lose interest and not come back next time as well. A company that doesn’t update their website may be considered too busy or they may be considered neglectful. What does that say about your business? Do you neglect your clients like you neglect your website?

It only takes 15-20 minutes of my time to add a new header or slider image. 30-60 minutes to write a new blog post. 5 minutes to add a new picture to your gallery. The larger the plan purchased the more savings you get! Best yet – prepaid maintenance never expires! Have a website and graphic designer on retainer at a fraction of the price for any of your future needs!

My regular hourly rate is $55.00 If you purchase a prepaid plan, you can save significantly! See below:

Hours Prepaid Maintenance Savings
5 Hour Plan $260 ($52/hr) $3/hr
10 Hour Plan $500 ($50/hr) $5/hr
20 Hour Plan $960 ($48/hr) $7/hr
30 Hour Plan $1380 ($46/hr) $9/hr
40 Hour Plan $1760 ($44/hr) $11/hr
50 Hour Plan $2100 ($42/hr) $13/hr
60 Hour Plan $2400 ($40/hr) $15/hr

How is the Maintenance Billed?

Maintenance Plans are additional options to keep your website maintained, current and updated. Plans can also be used towards graphics or any other service related item. Payable prior to initiating work, all work will be billed in 15 minute increments and a detailed and itemized statement of time used will be generated. If your maintenance looks as if it is going to exceed your pre-paid plan you’ll be notified immediately. You’ll then be able to purchase additional maintenance. Any unused hours will be carried over to the next time you need something done to your website.  Prepaid Maintenance Never Expires.

If you have any further questions please Contact Me.

* Prepaid Maintenance is Non-Refundable and cannot be used towards out-of-pocket/printing expenses or domain and hosting renewals.