Kathleen is my right hand when it comes to the National Renters Association. She created the website and the videos, the advertising, graphics, flyers, even the tradeshow booth; shopping and design. She implemented the social media and marketing. She did the layout of the book. Everything I have throw at her she has taken and made happen. Her out of the box thinking and I can figure it out attitude is exactly what I needed to get this organization going. I couldn’t have done it without her. Barney – National Renters Association

WOW! All I can say is wow. I called Kathleen knowing I needed an advertisement and for very little money, I got FIVE ads and a website! Plus she helped me find some great places to market my services. Kathleen brought me into the 21st century so quickly and easily, I highly suggest her services to others. George Rendon – Rendon Painting Services

Kathleen has been an amazing blessing to North Shore United Methodist Church. She is so easy to work with and has an amazing level of creativity and talent. She is quick to get changes made and always takes the lead in making improvements to our site. She goes way beyond the call of duty and has the highest level of expertise and expectations of herself. Kathleen can do and will do a great job for anyone needing any of her almost unlimited services. Maroz – North Shore United Methodist Church

You have been a great help in redesigning my AutoMotion Displays website. I just want you to know that you did a great job and I wish you all the best with your graphics designs. Keep up the good work and you will keep your customers happy. Buck Pate – AutoMotion Displays

Hello Kathleen, Thank you for your work on the trifold brochure … they came out great. Thanks again for the last minute stuff! Donna Aloia

This (Personalized Poem) is amazing. I love it and think it is perfect. I love the background and the poem. I am so happy I found you on the Internet. I am sure you will be getting more business from me. Thanks so much. Heather Myden – Teacher Appreciation

Excellent Work! Kathleen has been taking care of my website needs for years now and her latest design is outstanding. I’m not sure we will ever be able to top this one! Check it out. Tim Powell – Genesis Custom Homes

My go-to girl. When I hired Kathleen to create my art website I had no real expectations. The design she came up with was beyond my expectations and the comments I’ve received from others in the art community only make me smile. I have even hired Kathleen to create my studio website and would hire her for anything I can come up with in the future. She is incredibly easy to work with, friendly and fast. Carol Bryant – Carol Bryant’s Artwork – Thistle Dew II Studio

I knew in the beginning exactly what I was looking for in a website. I wanted a model wearing nothing but jewelry and a cowboy hat, and a lizard wearing jewelry with pink toe nails. I have been through 6 website designers: All told me they could do this for me, all failed to produce results. I’ve spent a year trying to get my website built, to no avail. When my husband came across Kathleen’s website, we finally realized what the problem was: I was looking for a graphics designer who could create websites; not a web designer with no graphics skills. About 5 hours after hanging up the phone with Kathleen, she had taken the picture of my lizard, gave him a tiara and a necklace and had even painted his toenails PIN!! She hadn’t even received any money yet! What 6 people couldn’t accomplish in a year she completed and exceeded my expectations in a week’s time! Kathleen has been FABULOUS to work with. She bounces ideas back and forth with me. She tells me to get super wild with creating things, because she loves making things come to life. If you are looking for a uniquely designed website, or require a talented graphics designer then I highly recommend Kathleen’s-Graphics.com Stephanie Carroll – Glitzy Glam Jewelry

I have never had such an unsolicited response to my Christmas cards! Family and friends all commented on the custom card designed for us, which had our darling pet featured on the front. It was easy to print and fun to send. Ellen Adriance

Kathleen is so creative, she constantly surprises me. What she can do with a picture and a computer is truly amazing. I highly recommend her if you need graphics work done. April Doyle